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Change of direction

So, despite all of my best intentions, rockandrollworkshop just never really re-launched full strength post-kiddos. The email reminder to renew the domain name sort of brought that home today. And that’s OK! You folks who bought stuff and made awesome (or awful) music with that blasted forth from a dilapidated workshop filled with friendly bees (for real) and solder fumes made for a really cool, really fun few years.

These awesome kids and their associated chaos and my awesome wife and work and house-remodeling have filled (overflowed!) the place in my life where nerdy musical stuff used to live, and it’s a pretty good trade. That said, I do still have a few occasional pedals and other musical things available, and you would buy them if you had any taste at all. I’m also going to see if I can better utilize this here corner of the internet for . . . something. I haven’t yet figured out exactly what that will look like, but it’s probably going to be DIY-ish and the writing of fun things.  It might suck, it might be awesome, or I might get distracted with some other bullshit and forget it exists until sends their reminder to renew again.

Stay tuned and see!


Yeah, I’m slow.

I know, I know.  I haven’t fallen off the map completely, but between almost a year of home renovations now, raising this awesome kid, and getting ready for kid #2 to arrive in June, I’ve been otherwise occupied. I’ve got several Optical Theremins and Harmonic Annihilators in stock that will be posted to the store soon, along with a few other pieces of used equipment that I no longer have space/need for. Get in touch if you have questions or need anything. I’m here!

Coming Soon!

New home for rockandrollworkshop coming soon! Hopefully I’ll have more content to post soon!